Epping Private

Mr. Rodrigo Teixeira, plastic surgeon, receives an achievement award in recognition of performing the first plastic surgery procedure at the new Epping Private Hospital, in Epping, Victoria.

Mind, Body and Soul

The “Triple Balance” Share 2018 has just finished and it is good to take some time for reflection. We normally think about last year’s highlights as well was times of difficult and when we were challenged. Which are our goals … Read More

The Cutting-Edge Plastic Surgery

Rodrigo has recently attended The Aston Baker Cutting-Edge 2018 Symposium in New York. Amongst many innovations in Plastic Surgery he was particularly interested in Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Composite Breast Augmentation and High Definition Liposuction. More content available on his Instagram … Read More

MIPS – Richmond

Rodrigo has joined MIPS. Mr Teixeira has joined the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery (MIPS). His main rooms are now located in Richmond, at the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre.