Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research Article

carpal tunnel hand imageAssociation between Carpal Tunnel and Migraines

Interesting survey from the National Health Interview in USA, 2010. The research suggests an association between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Migraine Headaches.

The study was based on recent studies suggesting that some migraines are successfully treated by target peripheral nerve decompression.

CTS was prevalent on 3.7 % of the population. Several studies in the literature support an association between different compression neuropathies.

Prevalence of carpal tunnel increased with age, peaking 49 – 64 y.o. Female gender was associated with both CTS and migraines. Also, increased BMI, diabetes mellitus and smoking are other factors of risk.

The prevalence of migraine in patients with CTS or CTS in patients with migraine is roughly twice as much as in patients without the association.

Association of migraines and carpal tunnel remains a controversial concept within the medical community and there were several limitations to the study, the most notable the lack of specificity in diagnosis. However, the study suggests a common systemic or neurologic risk factor.

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